How is Big Picture Branding different?

  1. I work from the inside out to make sure your external brand identity is internally driven. There’s no use in a brand strategy if it’s not going to be enthusiastically embraced by your employees. Your people are a wealth of knowledge, so let’s tap into that.

  2. In addition to you Brand Blueprint, I give you a Goals-Based Implementation Plan so your employees can continue to build off your big ideas and create amazing campaigns that propel your organization forward.

  3. I take it one step further by working with you to figure out the best way to authentically weave your identity into your workplace practices and environment so that when the time comes to part ways, the momentum continues.

What’s the external value?

You’ll keep your audience’s attention

To effectively communicate your value to your audience and keep their attention, your brand messaging needs to be crystal clear, concise, and compelling. If you confuse you lose.

You’ll earn more $$$

Using your Big Picture strategy to connect with your audience on a deeper level is not only an effective business driver but an efficient way to gain brand loyalty and expand your reach. Need more proof? Read the studies here, here, and here.

You’ll save more $$$

A branding strategy that’s out of sync with your business goals or audience needs costs you money, time, and produces market confusion.

You’ll attract more ideal clients

If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. Clarity about who you appeal to will help you figure out where to direct your sales and marketing efforts so you’re reaching a receptive audience who is already willing to engage with you.

How do I know you’ll really get what my organization is all about?

Purpose-driven businesses and organizations are extremely close to their causes. Authenticity is key and you never want to alienate your audience (or your employees!) by sounding sales-y, preachy, or phony.

I will never put words in your mouth.

I am expert at rounding up your business elements and synthesizing everything into one cohesive brand blueprint. The Big Picture Brand Audit, combined with a 3-hour on-site Brain Trust Workshop and Custom Implementation Plan, guarantees an end result your entire organization can embrace.

I have been described as the brand strategist you need on staff, but can’t commit to hiring full-time. Our goal over 4-weeks is to jumpstart your brand and give you all the tools you need to go-to-market.

Would you rather it never stops snowing (the snow never piles up) or never stops raining (the rain never causes floods)?

Just checking you’re actually reading these. You passed!

As a native Seattle-ite and now a hardened New Englander, neither of these bother me. In fact, I’m convinced I work better when the weather is a bit dreary. So let’s put the kettle on the boil, rev up the space heater, and get cozy!

Social consciousness pertains to the environmental, economic, and social impact businesses big or small can have. It’s an opportunity to do good while doing well, and balancing purpose and profit.

As for me, I’ve found that when you’re really accomplished at something (ahem, marketing and branding), there’s always a way to apply it to the greater good.

After launching hundreds of campaigns, leading the charge on several rebranding efforts, and writing an unspeakable amount of copy and content, the most effective (and personally rewarding) campaigns — the ones that generated the most buzz, signups, purchases, likes, follows, shares — were the least transactional. They appealed to a community, they spoke to a greater good, they gave more than they took.

Engaging with socially conscious businesses is also in alignment with my own beliefs. The day I found out Ben & Jerry’s was a Certified B-Corp company I went out and bought a couple (dozen) pints in solidarity...  

I’ve only got one life to live, so I’ve chosen to use my powers for good!

Why do you focus on socially conscious businesses?

With the Big Picture Brand Blueprint, your brand identity will go from hazy to distinct in 4-weeks.

If a quick spike in your metrics is all you’re looking for, go buy yourself some keywords or run a social media campaign. Short-term marketing tactics can be a fun way to make the needle jump temporarily.

But if you’re looking to build a mature brand that will sustain your business long-term — a brand that inspires seriously big initiatives and gets seriously big results — you need to invest in your big picture.

Through a 4-week deep dive where we’ll get clear on your unique offerings, your messaging, your voice, your content, as well as everything you’re not, we will lay the foundation for how your business purposefully moves forward into the future.

Investing in your brand identity will make life easier for your employees, your sales team, and your marketing or communications teams.

A shared mission, communicated effectively, that inspires action is priceless.

When will I see my ROI?


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