20 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Brand Audit

The truth is, your brand is a living, breathing thing that needs to be evaluated *at least* once a year.

Yes, really.

This doesn’t mean your brand will change year to year. In fact, businesses that frequently check in with their audience, employees, and business goals and tactics see more brand stability than businesses who put their brand on the back-burner.

At BPB we call this audit process your “State of the Union” report. The purpose is to check in with where your business stands currently: Are goals being met? Where are we having problems? What’s working? Have there been any organizational or process changes that affected businesses either positively or negatively? Where should we be looking to go and how are we going to move forward?

You need to do a brand audit if you:

  1. Want more people to know you exist

  2. Feel like you’re falling behind the market

  3. Are starting to sound like everyone else

  4. Are experiencing less customer loyalty

  5. See less social media engagement and funnel drop-offs

  6. Aren’t getting the results you used to after running a marketing campaign

  7. Are starting to get a lot of pushback on your pricing

  8. Aren’t sure where you need to be marketing yourself anymore

  9. Have lost touch with where to find your target customer (online or in the wild)

  10. Feel like you’re ready to shift who your target audience is

  11. Aren’t sure how to market the purpose-driven part of your business (Does anyone care? How do we stay authentic?)

  12. Want your messaging to be more compelling

  13. Feel the urge to change your website design every five minutes

  14. Are unsure how to market a new product or service

  15. Have non-existent brand standards (Which logo do we use again? Who has that file?)

  16. Have an inconsistent voice on social media or in sales and marketing materials (Or are outsourcing this to an intern or contractor and have no usage guidelines.)

  17. Don’t know how to clearly say who you are and what you do

  18. Stumble over your words when trying to explain your value to your audience

  19. Aren’t exactly sure who your audience is anymore

  20. Aren’t seeing any employee enthusiasm for your brand (Hey, I’m just here to get a paycheck...)

Here’s the thing:

  • A brand audit is only good if you take the insights you’ve gleaned and put them into action.

  • Sometimes being close to your brand makes it impossible to see the forest from the trees and you need to bring in third-party objective insights.